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Through relevant KAU college committees that are tasked with planning and supervising extra-curricular student activities, the Deanship of Student Affairs aims to achieve the following objectives as it strives to maintain King Abdulaziz University’s commitment 'To Promote cultural, sporting, social, and scientific activities:



·      participate in developing the integrity and balanced personality of KAU students

·       support Islamic education and direct students’ commitment to the Islamic code of conduct

·       develop student talents and improve their capabilities to acquire useful knowledge and experience

·      get students accustomed to participating in social activities to develop balanced relationships based on mutual respect amongst themselves and their professors

·       provide students with means of comfort, convenience and assurance

·       educate students about the roles they have to play in their society, and embodiment of them through a feeling of belonging to their country


Participation in all events of committees for student activities is open to all students of the Faculty of Engineering.  Each committee for student activities consists of one staff member acting as its head or facilitator, one faculty supervisor, and five student members who are elected by the general body of students under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs.  The committee selects one of its members to act as its secretary.

In recognition of the importance of student activities and their role in the bringing up of vibrant students, KAU rules dictate that the University President should act as general chairperson for the Higher Committee for Student Activities, with the Dean of Student Affairs functioning as deputy.  The Faculty of Engineering supports its own, and all KAU student activities through the following university committees:

Committee for Promotion of Islamic Awareness

This committee strives to help develop students' understanding of Islamic theology and law, to apply a practical self-commitment to the Islamic code of conduct, to strengthen their association with the glorious Qur’an through memorization, recitation and mastering the rules for perfect recital, to strengthen Islamic brotherly relations, and to prepare students to face foreign ideologies. 

The Committee for Promotion of Islamic Awareness organizes lectures, meetings and trips, which are usually educational in nature. The committee also participates in activities organized by the General Committee for Promotion of Islamic Awareness, including central programs arranged by the Deanship of Student Affairs.

Committee for Cultural Activities

The Committee for Cultural Activities aims at the development of student talents and abilities in cultural, artistic and literary forms. It also seeks to develop cultural knowledge and creativity within students, enabling them to lead and interact wisely with different cultures of the world.


The committee organizes cultural meetings, lectures, as well as trips.  It also takes part in the activities of the KAU Central Committee of Cultural Activity, and central activities of the Deanship of Student Affairs, including the following:

·      Hobby Clubs (Photography, Theatre, Arabic Calligraphy, Drawing)

·      Literary Clubs (Poetry, Novels, Short Stories and Plays)

·      Cultural and Scientific Research Competitions and Technical Hobbies

·      Cultural and Artistic Exhibitions

·      Social Club

Committee for Social Activities

This committee tries to help students develop adaptation, strengthen the relationships between students and professors, realize proper social life for the youth in the light of Islamic ethics and principles, bring about a spirit of cooperation, friendship and intimacy, establish avenues for appropriate and useful entertainment, and train students to give their best with sincerity, self-denial and appreciation of the public interest, when performing and achieving.


The committee organizes lectures, meetings and social trips and visits.  It participates in social competitions and arranges get-to-know-each-other parties.  It also participates in the activities of its parent committee as well as in the programs of the Deanship of Student Affairs.

Committee for Athletic Activities

KAU student sports activities at the Faculty of Engineering include, soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, table tennis, horsemanship, swimming, judo, karate and much more. Faculty of Engineering sports teams enjoy a distinguished history of winning KAU sports clubs competitions.

The Committee for Athletic Activities attempts to spread knowledge about various sports, promote physical fitness, and facilitate student training and participation in sport competitions.  The aim is to develop perseverance, sportsmanship, spirit of positive competition, leadership, organization, and teamwork. The committee participates in sports competitions organized by the university at large, including the activities sponsored by the Deanship of Student Affairs.

Scouting Society

Faculty of Engineering students regularly participate in KAU Scouting Society events.  The objectives of this society include the training of KAU students in preparation for public service of any sort, and at any time.  It also seeks to train students in Islamic and general ethics. 

Further objectives include stressing the comradery among believing men and women, establishing good examples to be followed while strengthening the meaning of discipline, courage, gallantry and self-reliance. The society organizes trips, camping and volunteering, and also participates in scouting activities and competitions organized within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf States.

Equestrian Club

King Abdulaziz University distinguishes itself among all Saudi and GCC universities with the noble interest it takes in horsemanship, and great care it directs towards re-forming widespread appreciation for the Arab heritage associated with it.  The university established an equestrian club for horse-riding, in which all students of the university can enjoy and take part in to get valuable training in this ever-growing popular sport.


Facilities for Sports Activities at KAU

Sporting facilities where students can participate in individual and team sports at KAU are abundant; they include the following:


·       KAU Stadium: football (soccer) field, track and field, jumping domain, and indoor ceremony halls

·      Sports Tent: indoor basketball courts, volleyball, handball, table tennis and facilities for judo, taekwondo, and physical fitness

·       Swimming Pools

·       Equestrian Club

·       Basketball and Tennis Courts (outdoor)


KAU Sports Tent

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