KAU Engineering Research

With over 75 labs, numerous centers of excellence, and countless academic support programs, KAU Engineering puts its students and scholars at the forefront of innovation and discovery.

These top-tier resources combine the talents of researchers in engineering and other related disciplines, spanning areas such as polymer technology, biochemical engineering, mechanical systems design, human factors engineering, ore deposits exploration, transportation, and radiation protection.

Leading the region in groundbreaking case-based learning, cutting-edge research, and practical training, the Faculty of Engineering at KAU capitalizes on up to 67 million SAR in funds, by producing highly cited research and the most advanced facilities that empower them.  The Ministry of Higher Education sponsored Center of Excellence in Water Desalination and the Center of Excellence in Intelligence Engineering Systems (CEIES) are among the celebrated centers of innovation that KAU Engineering utilizes in equipping its graduates with an expansive scientific and technical toolbox of experience, as they lead the next charge in the advancement of societal enhancing initiatives.

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