Faculty of Engineering


For nearly four decades, KAU Engineering has achieved a track record of excellence in pioneering research and innovative learning.This success has been driven by eminent scholarship and practical solutions training, with the overall enrichment of society as its vision.  As it continues to rapidly climb the international ranks of recognition, the Faculty of Engineering was ranked #112 out of hundreds of colleges by the Shanghai Academic Rankings of World Universities in engineering technology and computer sciences in 2013. The Faculty of Engineering at KAU consists of eight departments, offering fourteen undergraduate and graduate degree programs, most of which are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), which is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).  KAU Engineering is also a proud ISO 9001 certified institution, demonstrating its organizational quality management and international standards driven efficiency towards continuous development.

With an average of 2,100 enrolled students, more than 220 faculty members, over 75 labs, various centers of excellence, and numerousacademic support programs, KAU Engineering students are afforded access to the most conducive learning environments that facilitate innovative case-based learning, cutting-edge research, and practical training opportunities.  In championing its ‘Learning through Experience and Academic Performance’ (LEAP) philosophy, the Faculty of Engineering optimizes its close relations with highly recognized academic institutions and industries by providing a wealth of resources and career boosting options for its engineering alumni, who experience an 80% employment rate within six months of graduation on average.

In recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed immense progress in many industries, and the various academic fields that represent them, with the education sector receiving the largest proportion of government funding for progressive development plans. The Faculty of Engineering capitalizes on up to 67 million SAR in funds, by producing highly cited research projects and the most advanced facilities that empower them.  The Ministry of Higher Education sponsored Center of Excellence in Water Desalination and the Center of Excellence in Intelligence Engineering Systems (CEIES) are among the celebratedcenters of innovation that KAU Engineering consistently proves to utilize in leaving its scientific and technical footprint in a wide array of societal enhancing initiatives.


Core Values



Integrity :

Esteem for professional integrity and ethical behaviors


Innovation :

Valuing innovation and creativity


Quality : 

Commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement


Diversity :

Attracting and developing an outstanding and diverse faculty, studentbody, and staff



Appreciating the importance of local, national, and international collaboration and partnerships


Qualities of Engineering Graduates



Professional Performance: Graduates will be able to exhibit integrity, maintain ethical standards, accept responsibility, take initiative, and exhibit leadership.


Technical Competence:Graduates will demonstrate the technical know-how by thinking creatively, searching broadly, and using state of the art engineering tools to identify and formulate safe innovative approaches.


Efficient Work:Graduates are expected to act as efficientteam members using project management techniques with effective communication skills to ensure timely and valuable completion of work projects with expected quality.


Continuous Commitment:Graduates must remain industry -focused, quality oriented, and committed to sustainable development of society, and ensure personal and professional development. 


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