Dean’s Award for Postgraduate Students (MT3)


How the MT3 Award Initiative works:

The graduate student summarizes the idea of the research he is working on in a simple number of PowerPoint slides so that he can present it in the college theater within only 3 minutes in the presence of a jury from the college. In his presentation, the student explains the problem he is trying to solve, the proposal to solve the problem, and part of the results he has reached or aims to reach. The best three offers are awarded appreciation awards by the dean of the college, and the college has the right to withhold the award in the event that there is no offer that rises to the level of honor. The initiative is carried out periodically, once a year.


Award objective:

Creating a fertile, enjoyable and encouraging environment for scientific research among graduate students based on positive scientific discussion that would enrich their scientific output.


Participation conditions:

1.     The participant must be a graduate student in one of the college’s programs.

2.     The participant must be at least one year old in the program.

3.     That the participation must represent the scientific mission of the participant.


Steps to rate posts:

1.  The initial filtering takes place within the departments, where three candidates will be nominated from each department, provided that the nomination includes all programs as much as possible. The total number of departmental candidates must not exceed a maximum of 25 participants. Each department shall appoint a jury for the internal qualifiers in case the posts are more than

2.     An arbitration committee is appointed at the college level for the final qualifiers, consisting of 5 arbitrators from the college.

3.   The candidates are announced, and the final competition day is set to be an important event at the end of the academic year and it is covered in the media in a way that is commensurate with the college’s ambition.

4.    The final filtering takes place on the day of the event, during which all the competitors present their participations in the college theater in a total period not exceeding two hours. The honoring will be at the end of the event for the best three research presentations in the presence of the Dean.


Award Committee:

1.     Vice Dean of the College of Engineering

2.     Vice Dean of the College of Engineering for Graduate Studies

3.     Vice Dean of the College of Engineering for Development

4.     Coordinator of the Information Technology Committee in the college

5.     Dr. Abdulrahim Al Zahrani


Award Criteria:

Ser. No.





Very good









First: Criteria for evaluating the content of the presentation in terms of clarity, comprehensiveness and importance


Clarity of the problem that the proposed research is trying to solve







The existence of a clear search mechanism and strategy that leads to solving the problem and obtaining the desired results







The presence of a conclusion summarizing the initial results and the importance of the research on the society and national economy







The level of the research idea is comparable to its global counterparts and raises the level of the Kingdom's future aspirations to compete with global nations.







The ability to convert an idea into an economical product or service






Second: Criteria for evaluating the performance of the presenter and the quality of the presentation


The quality of the presentation, even for non-specialists, in terms of clarity of voice, language and idea







The quality of the presentation in terms of design ingenuity and its association with the presented idea







The level of enthusiasm the presenter has for the idea and for communicating it to the audience







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