The Highly Publishing Staff Award


Name of award: The Highly Publishing


Goals of the award: Awarding teaching staff and highlighting their scientific performance and pushing forward scientific research in the college


Award conditions:

·    Applying for the award is open to all teaching staff in the faculty of engineering including assistant instructors, MA holders, assistant professors, associate professors and professors.

·         Applicants are allowed to submit to more than one type of the dean’s award.

·         Annual application for the dean’s award is allowed.

·         All submitted papers should be affiliated under KAU.


Submission requirements:

·         Submitted papers should have been published in ISI journals and should be ranked in web of knowledge = Clarivate Analytics.

·    All published articles in 2021 (full articles, communication articles, Review articles) are only counted according to web of knowledge = Clarivate Analytics. (Books, eBook and conference proceedings are also included).

·     Articles included in web of knowledge should be labelled as “Published” and has date of publishing in web of science. Papers labelled as “Early Access” in the report of web of science are also counted.


How points are counted:

Points are counted based on the ranking of the journal according to the average of dividing the journal ranking over the number of journals in each field in the year prior to publishing the article and the journal citation report for the article in web of science.


The ranking of the journal is counted as follows:

·         The average is ≤ 0.1

·         The average is ≤ 0.2 and > 0.1

·         The average is > 0.2

Adding highest points for researchers for the following publishings/articles for 2021 considering the ranking based on web of knowledge for 2020 using the following way:


Counting points is as follows:

Category A journals: Points: First/Sole Author: 50; Multiple Authors: 40-20

Category B journals: Points: First/Sole Author: 40; Multiple Authors: 30-15

Category C journals: Points: First/Sole Author: 30; Multiple Authors: 20-5


Apply through the following link for the award

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