Dean’s Award for the Best Senior Project for the Undergraduate Stage


Award name: This award is called the "Dean’s Award for the Best Senior Project for the Undergraduate Stage", in which the name of the student or the names of the students participating as a group in the project is mentioned in addition to the name of the project supervisor and the title of the project.


Award objective: Reviving the spirit of scientific competition among students in terms of excellence and creativity and urge them to obtain scientific awards and raise the level of senior projects in the college.


Award conditions:

1.     Anyone who appears to him in the university system that he is “expected to graduate” is allowed to apply for the award only one time.

2.     The period for receiving entries is determined by the award committee, and this is announced through social media channels, e-mail and correspondence within the college.

3.     The award is presented at the end of the academic year.


How to apply for the award:

1.     The student or students submit an application form to the department.

2.     The department evaluates the applications and nominates one project to participate in the final evaluation.

3.     The award committee evaluates the projects and announces the winner at an annual ceremony.


Award Committee:

The Committee for the Dean's Award for the Best Senior Project is composed of five faculty members:

1.     Vice Dean of the College of Engineering

2.     Vice Dean of the College of Engineering for Graduate Studies

3.     Vice Dean of the College of Engineering for Development

4.     Dr. Ahmed bin AbuBakr bin Yahya

5.     Dr. AbdulMalik AlJunaidi


Apply for the award                           14 April – 12 May

Preliminary nomination                      14 May – 23 May

Final evaluation                                  24 May – 31 May

Winner announced                              1-2 June      

Registration form for the Dean’s Award for theBest Senior Project for the Undergraduate Stage 

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