Departments and Degree Programs


The Faculty of Engineering offers a Bachelor’s Degree in 14 programs.  The Chemical and Materials Engineering Department offers only one BS program, namely Chemical Engineering. In that department the ‘Materials Engineering’ track is applicable only for the MS program. The Electrical Engineering Department, on the other hand, offers four BS programs.  There are two BS programs in the Mechanical Engineering Department, while the Nuclear Engineering Department offers three programs



1.     Aeronautical Engineering

2.     Chemical and Materials Engineering

3.     Civil Engineering

4.     Electrical and Computer Engineering

5.     Industrial Engineering

6.     Mechanical Engineering

7.     Mining Engineering

8.     Nuclear Engineering


Degree Programs:

1.     Chemical Engineering

2.     Civil Engineering

3.     Electrical Engineering (Biomedical)

4.     Electrical Engineering (Computer)

5.     Electrical Engineering (Electrical Power and Machines)

6.     Electrical Engineering (Electronics and Communications)

7.     Industrial Engineering

8.     Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical)

9.     Mechanical Engineering (Production Engineering and Mechanical Systems Design)

10.   Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering and Desalination Technology)

11.   Mining Engineering

12.   Nuclear Engineering

13.   Nuclear Engineering (Radiation Protection)

14.   Nuclear Engineering (Medical Physics)


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