Faculty of Engineering

Dean's Statement

The Faculty of Engineering at King Abdul Aziz University, nearing the completion of its third decade, has become a fruitful tree that provides sustenance to students. This fruitful tree is nurtured by virtuous professors, teachers and researchers.

The world is rapidly evolving and  developing. Technical progress has exceeded all expectations and recent scientific advances  have arrived with startling velocity. The world has indeed become the global village. This great development, innovations and inventions are the product of the human mind, which is created by Allah, the great Creator, with capacities and capabilities that enable it to outperform the best electronic devices.

Hence, the real wealth of nations are the minds that make the forces of nature accessible,  enabling us to invest in what Allah has established on this land of wealth and bounties in order to establish foundations for a better future, and push forward the wheel of  renaissance in all roads of life. The interest of the faculty in its students came from this premise,  that the students are the real wealth of the nation and their brains are the tools that render the forces of nature accessible.

All employees of the faculty; professors, lecturers, demonstrators and technicians are always ready to serve this growing student body , and hands are always ready to nurture this plant and provide it with needed science and knowledge to become a bountifully fruitful tree that truly  benefits society.

It is my great pleasure to congratulate the students in this faculty for their hard work and faithfulness to this center of scientific excellence. I offer my strongly support and faithfully advise them to always fear Allah and to make science and knowledge their way of life in the service of their community.

Dr. Mohammed Reda Kabli

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Last Update 11/15/2018 10:42:37 AM