Faculty of Engineering

Former Faculty Deans



From 22/12/1976           To 18/1/1982

Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Omar Jamjoom

From 18/10/1982           To 16/9/1985

Prof. Mohamed Nour Yaseen Fatani

From 17/9/1985             To 17/8/1991

Prof. Fouad Muhammed Ghazali

From 18/8/1991             To 17/6/1994

Prof. Abdul-Rahman Ahmed Fouad Abdul-Fattah

From 5/10/1994             To 21/8/1998

Prof. Mohammed Saddik Al-Jiffry

From 29/9/1998             To 24/7/2004

Prof. Waleed Hussain Abulfaraj

From 25/7/2004             To 6/2/2007

Prof. Abdullah Omer Bafail

From 19/2/2007             To 4/1/2011

Prof. Faisal I. Iskanderani

From 5/1/2011               To 13/12/2012

Prof. Adbulmalik Ali Aljinaidi Alghamdi

From 14/12/2012           To 26/8/2018

Prof. Abdulraheem R. Kinsara

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