Faculty of Engineering

Project Design and Car Manufacturing: The Baha Vehicle

baja car.jpg


A team of eight engineering students from the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering at KAU has developed an exclusively off-road mini Baha vehicle, to be entered into the SAE International 2015 Collegiate Design Series. With its headquarters in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, USA, SAE International is a global organization of more than 138,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries promoting life-long learning and standards development (http://www.sae.org/).

The competition will accommodate more than 120 university students from various countries around the world, and will be held in the United States.  Faculty of Engineering team leader for the competition, Naif ibn Ahmed, expressed his confidence in his team’s capabilities, and highlighted the enormous opportunity this event provides to demonstrate to the world Saudi youth achievements and potential, in the area of innovation and manufacturing development. 

The vehicle, which is a product of a graduation project, and all of its specifications from the design, research, and manufacturing stages, will be showcased at the event.  Moreover, the team members, project coordinator, Dr. Haitham Bogis, and project supervisors, Dr. Alaa Hijazi and Dr. Ahmed Sharif El-Gizawi are all lauded by their KAU Engineering community for their efforts in this great achievement.




baja car1.jpg




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Last Update 8/16/2015 2:31:28 PM