Faculty of Engineering

Training Unit (TU)

KAU Engineering takes training seriously.  As mandated by the Faculty of Engineering, all students have to undergo summer training as a pre-requisite for obtaining the B.Sc. degree in any specialization. This period extends over two to three months duration during the summer vacation. The Training Unit (TU) helps students find suitable training opportunities, or directs them to programs closer to their specialization studies, so as not to conflict between summer training and course work.

The summer training period commences when a student has completed 110 credit hours, grasped basic engineering fundamentals, and acquired a good background in the English language. At the end of the training period, each student submits a training report to be evaluated by the respective academic department. The TU arranges summer training opportunities with various establishments (governmental and private) inside and outside the country, through the following measures:



Looking for training opportunities for students by sending letters to companies and training institutions concerning training opportunities


Registering students who are interested in training through the training website


Giving students the autonomy to locate appropriate training places through the training website (each student chooses five opportunities of training arranged by priority)


Placing students into training institutions based on their accumulative average and the number of acquired hours


Assisting in student travel arrangements to training bodies in which they were registered


To find out more about training opportunities, click on the icon below.


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